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Pizza supper club: Forza Win

5 May

In a recent post, A Happy Hostess looked at a survey that revealed how much we neglect eating at the dining table. Our lives are getting increasingly busier and it’s becoming harder to enjoy meals with our nearest and dearest.

These hectic schedules mean that many people are put off the thought of hosting a dinner party due to the amount of time and effort required.

However, this summer, supper club company Forza Win are back to take care of the hard work – all you have to do is show up and bring an appetite.

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Supper clubs: what’s all the fuss about?

4 May

I was asking myself that very question before my first foray into the world of supper clubs. Photos, links and tips after the jump!

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Where to pick up dinner party supplies in London

25 Apr

We’ve put together a handy map of shops and markets in London where you can pick up great ingredients, flowers and decorations for your dinner parties.

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Reader question: Film-themed dinner party

24 Apr

Throwing a movie-themed dinner party sounds daunting but it really needn’t be. Reader Jess emailed us asking for inspiration for dishes she could prepare for her film buff husband’s 60th birthday dinner party, and we’ve come up with a few suggestions for food and drinks.

Below we’ve included some of our favourite ideas for dishes that feature in famous films. Make your guests guess which movie each dish is referencing before revealing the answers at the end of the night, rewarding the guest who guesses the most correct with a prize.

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Reader question: what are the benefits of free range eggs?

3 Feb

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Dinner Disasters

21 Nov

We’ve all experienced an embarrassing moment at some point in our lives. Here we look at some of the dinner disasters our readers have had at their dinner parties…

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Green bean casserole

18 Nov

This Thanksgiving favourite is creamy and comforting.

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