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15 Jun

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Sadly A Happy Hostess has come to an end, but we do have some good news too. One of our writers, Lizzy, has started up an independent food blog, Not So Thin Lizzy. A big thank you to all our Happy Hostess readers.


Southern style dinner party menu

9 May

The weather is finally warming up here in London, and  it’s inspired us to create a Southern-style dinner party menu. We’ve put together some of our favourite Southern recipes below for you to try. Check out our video for a few tips and tricks.


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Dinner Disasters

8 May

We’ve all experienced an embarrassing moment at some point in our lives. Here we look at some of the dinner disasters our readers have had at their dinner parties…

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Quote of the week: Julia Child edition

7 May

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“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child

Pizza supper club: Forza Win

5 May

In a recent post, A Happy Hostess looked at a survey that revealed how much we neglect eating at the dining table. Our lives are getting increasingly busier and it’s becoming harder to enjoy meals with our nearest and dearest.

These hectic schedules mean that many people are put off the thought of hosting a dinner party due to the amount of time and effort required.

However, this summer, supper club company Forza Win are back to take care of the hard work – all you have to do is show up and bring an appetite.

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Masterchef UK: the final, part 3

5 May

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 17.22.13It’s all over, but it doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Those of you who voted for Natalie in our poll will know that she deserved every bit of praise she got.

Read all about what went down in the final episode right here.

Supper clubs: what’s all the fuss about?

4 May

I was asking myself that very question before my first foray into the world of supper clubs. Photos, links and tips after the jump!

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