Pizza supper club: Forza Win

5 May

In a recent post, A Happy Hostess looked at a survey that revealed how much we neglect eating at the dining table. Our lives are getting increasingly busier and it’s becoming harder to enjoy meals with our nearest and dearest.

These hectic schedules mean that many people are put off the thought of hosting a dinner party due to the amount of time and effort required.

However, this summer, supper club company Forza Win are back to take care of the hard work – all you have to do is show up and bring an appetite.

Forza Win will be hosting their seasonal dinner party from the end of May until September, but these aren’t ordinary events. The supper club is set on a rooftop in central London, surrounded by the sites of the Capital.

This summer it’s a pizza tasting menu. The pizzas are made in front of you and cooked in the wood fired oven. They’re then shared across guests as you sit at the large communal table – allowing you to mingle as you dine.

By the time you leave, you will have eaten the equivalent of an entire pizza, but every slice is from a different type of pizza.

Forza Win – Summer 2013 from Forza Win on Vimeo.

Forza Win hasn’t been around for very long, but has already gained an immense amount of recognition from Londoners.

Bash, from the Forza Win team, said that it all began in his back garden in New Cross. Soon, they had moved to a rooftop in Brick Lane. It was here that they hand-built a 3-tonne wood-fired oven on the roof, dragging each brick up the stairs. All of their tickets sold out but, unfortunately, they were shut down after two weeks.

They were under immense pressure to find a new rooftop in two weeks or give their customers their money back for the upcoming event. But, to Bash’s amazement, nobody wanted their money back.

He said: “Nobody wanted a refund and preferred to wait.

“We had to re-locate but that gave it an edge. People grew more excited. We eventually managed to re-open on another rooftop in Hackney.”

The supper clubs have become very popular and spaces are filling up fast. A £30 ticket will get you a drink on arrival, a three-course meal and entertainment at the end of the night.

To grab a space, email the Forza Win team at


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