The death of the dinner table

1 May


A Happy Hostess were shocked to hear that the dining table could become a thing of the past, as nearly a third of Brits confessed to eating there only a few times a year.

A survey, run by, asked 500 respondents how often they ate at the dinner table.

Only five per cent of those polled ate at the table for every meal, compared to 13 per cent who ate one meal a day there

Almost a fifth (19 per cent) of respondents ate one or two of their meals at the table

Some of those surveyed confessed to eating at the table once of twice a month, while some said they only used it a few times year. The results showed this at 26 per cent and 30 per cent, respectively.

Sadly, four per cent said they never ate meals at the dinner table and three per cent said they didn’t own one.

A spokesperson from commented: “I was shocked to find that the number of people who regularly eat their meals at the dining table was relatively small.

“Compared to 40 years ago, we now live in a society which moves at an extremely fast pace. Often, breakfast has to be eaten on the go, and in many cases so does lunch.

“Also, with people working longer hours, a quick ready meal or a takeaway in front of the TV is the easiest option.”

Experts claimed it was today’s “extremely fast paced” society who were to blame, in which workers spend more time in the office rather than at home with their families.

One man commented: “I hardly ever eat at the table, I think the only times I do are at Christmas and Easter.

“In fact the only table I regularly eat at is my desk in the office when I am having my lunch.”

There are fears that skipping out on quality meal times will also affect family life.

One final respondent said of the poll: “I am really worried that my children are growing up in a society where eating meals at the table is something special and not the norm.

“What does it say about family life in this country if all we can do at meal times is sit and watch the television while stuffing our faces.”

At A Happy Hostess, we see this as even more of an excuse to host a dinner party. Dust off that table, lay out your best china and invite your nearest and dearest for supper.

We need to revive the table that brought us some of our best meals and memories – and dinner parties are the perfect way how.

Here’s how the shocking result from’s survey breaks down…



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