Dinner Disasters

2 Feb

We’ve all experienced an embarrassing moment at some point in our lives. Here we look at some of the dinner disasters our readers have had at their dinner parties…

My boyfriend and I recently moved into our new flat and thought that we would host a big Christmas dinner with our nearest and dearest as a housewarming party. I was really excited to cook for everyone and made a big deal of it all. I asked everybody what kind of food they would like and even boasted that they need to prepare for the best meal of their lives – famous last words. Everything seemed to be going fine, and the turkey looked golden and just perfect. The starters went down a treat and, again, I felt the need to boast about the turkey. I brought the bird into the room, ready to be cut up in front of everyone but was horrified when I realised it was still frozen inside! Everyone fell into fits of laughter and it was too late to save the meal. My boyfriend had to do a quick run to our nearest takeaway and I ended up having to serve curry to everyone. Everybody had a great time, but I definitely learnt not to boast about my cooking!

– Emily, 24, London

Have a dinner disaster you’d like to share? E-mail them to us at ahappyhostessblog@gmail.com and your story could be featured in next weeks post!


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