Dinner Disasters

21 Nov

We’ve all experienced an embarrassing moment at some point in our lives. Here we look at some of the dinner disasters our readers have had at their dinner parties…


Stain Pain

“I was sitting at the dinner table with my close friends, when I accidently knocked a full glass of alcohol on my trousers – my beige trousers. As everybody was busy and conversations were in full flow, nobody noticed what I had done. I made a quick discreet exit and dashed upstairs to find the bathroom was occupied. I (sneakily) went into the host’s bedroom to use their hairdryer and ay towels I could find. The room was fairly dark so I couldn’t see properly, but I eventually thought it was dry enough and thought it was safe to go back downstairs. As soon as I walked back into the room, everybody looked at me and started laughing. I looked down to see that although my trousers were dry, the drink had left a dark stain, which made it look like I had had an accident. I managed to laugh it off, but made up an excuse to leave after the starters!”

–       Flushed face, stained trousers, 21, London


“I had been dating my boyfriend for a few months and he decided that he wanted to throw a dinner party so that I could meet his friends. I planned everything down to the last detail, putting the most effort into how I looked. When the night began, everyone was really friendly and (much to my delight) complimented me on how I looked. Though, as the night went on, I was busy in the kitchen and didn’t have time to check on my appearance. His friends loved the food and all left smiling – result! Or so I thought. When I went to get ready for bed, I realised I had food stuck in my teeth! And I had no idea how long it had been there. The next day, pictures went up on Facebook and, sure enough, I looked like I had a missing front tooth. Though his friends liked me, those pictures will forever haunt me. They’ve even nicknamed me HillyBilly.”

–       Hillary, 22, London

Have a dinner disaster you’d like to share? E-mail them to us at ahappyhostessblog@gmail.com and your story could be featured in next weeks post!


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